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Pluton develops result-driven products for entrepreneurs, startups and enterprises.

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Business Automation & ERP Solutions

In many organizations, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications are the Glue that holds the organization together. Moreover, the applications need to be available and performing optimally or the entire organization is brought to its knees. Pluton ERP Applications deliver automated, intelligent monitoring of applications specific parameters and produce results and performance as per the needs of the organization and ensures smooth functioning.

Software Development

Desktop Application Development

Pluton The Company has a team of Desktop application experts which loop on the latest in software technologies to convert your dreams of express service to your customers into reality. We help everyone who wants desktop or web applications. It doesn’t matter if you have just a software idea, if it is a solid one, we can help you with cross-platform and platform-specific desktop application development services. Why is it a good idea to have a desktop application? There is nothing better to outdo competitors and to get the customer loyalty and an authentication stamp on your business.

Window based Software Development

If you look for a smart desktop solution for your business on Windows, you are just a few steps from getting all you need. Manu info solutions specialize in professional desktop software development(Java, .NET, C++, PHP, Perl, Ajax, etc.) and provide quality desktop solutions for the Windows platform.

The software is designed and developed by a team of high-qualified and experienced professionals. The works are performed in a wide specter including desktop remote solutions, as well as desktop management, support, and backup solutions for you to make your computer management and remote control easy and handy.


Web Application Development

Being a web application development company, we have earned years of experience which also helps us to provide our services locally as well as globally. Our web application development services are strong enough to complete your targets and fulfill the required bees of business.

All of our web application solutions are user-friendly, creative, and efficient. With our Web Application Solutions, you can promote the business very easily across the borders. All of our Web Application solutions are well integrated with knowledge management, enterprise resource planning, and supply chain management among others.