We Know That Good Planning Means Good Business

Pluton The Company is a business and digital solution enterprise. It offers all types of IT and business solutions to small companies, large businesses, project managers and others, that are necessary to meet the ever-increasing demands of this hi-tech era. We provide you wide range of new technologies. We have experienced and specialized them having expertise in Web Design/Development, Graphics Designing, ERP Solutions, Search Engine Optimization and many more.

Future Perfect

You’re investing more than money — it’s also energy, intelligence, brand, and the expanding potential of your business. Pluton translates this investment into a meaningful impact for you and your audience.

The Tech that Advance the Industry

Pluton helps create and lead some of the open-source web development technologies of the future. Progressive Web Apps, Ember.js, React.js, Elixir, and Ruby are some of the same technologies adopted by giants such as Google, IBM, and Microsoft, as well as by our clients such as Apple and Netflix. These proven, open-source technologies offer easy migration, long-term maintainability, and security, providing a solid foundation for digital products that inspire.

Full Service, Full Stack

Everything under one roof means less risk and a cohesive team to ensure forward momentum. From product strategy to product design to full-stack engineering, Pluton handles every aspect of digital product development so your insight and intelligence result in ample reward.

Like (Atomic) Clockwork

Using Agile processes, DockYard professionals unite to function as a synchronized unit with close client collaboration, so the flows in both directions. Pluton User Experience Developers (UXDs) are the keystone in our distinctive process — allowing us to close the gap between design and engineering in ways our competitors can’t.

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